ChildFund International Offers Child Sponsorship Opportunities


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ChildFund International

Headquartered in Superior, Colorado, Corporate Warehouse Supply provides businesses nationwide with a broad selection of copier supplies from a variety of manufacturers. Corporate Warehouse Supply also gives back to the community through its support of nonprofit organizations such as ChildFund International, which uses contributions to sponsor children in need.

Child sponsorships support children living in poverty and provide them with opportunities and assistance to reach their full potential. The program helps children at each stage of their lives, with a particular focus on their developmental and protection needs. Sponsorship funds go towards education, shelter, health care, and the provision of food and clean water. Furthermore, sponsorships back ChildFund International’s collaborations with community-based organizations to builder healthier communities for children and their families.

The sponsorship process begins with contributors selecting a child to sponsor from ChildFund International’s search database. Potential sponsors may select of a list of randomly featured children or search for by specific age, gender, or country. After confirming sponsorship, sponsors will receive regular updates about their sponsored children and remain connected through exchanging letters with them.


Delivering Excellent Customer Service Benefits Companies

From its base of operations in Superior, Colorado, Corporate Warehouse Supply provides copier supplies from a variety of manufacturers to businesses, schools, government agencies, and other clients. Founded in 2009, Corporate Warehouse Supply has a devotion to delivering excellent service and building lasting customer relationships. As business experts note, quality service is an essential part of achieving business success.

When a company makes a good impression on a customer, that customer is more likely to recommend the business to friends and colleagues. This word-of-mouth marketing can lead to new contacts and potentially new sales. In addition, listening to customers can give companies better insights into the current buying climate in their target market so that they can adapt their strategies to meet customer expectations.

As an added benefit, developing personal bonds with customers can increase employees’ job satisfaction and motivate them to higher performance. Together, these factors can help companies boost operational efficiency and productivity while developing a reputation for delivering value to customers.

Recycle4Charity Benefits Organizations and Environment

Since 2009, Corporate Warehouse Supply has furnished an extensive selection of copier supplies to businesses throughout the United States. The firm, based in Superior, Colorado, facilitates toner cartridge sales from several major manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony, Xerox, and Canon. Corporate Warehouse Supply is also a proud supporter of numerous philanthropic causes, including the Recycle4Charity program.

Through its free recycling service, Recycle4Charity benefits charitable groups, the remanufacturing industry, and the environment. The organization recycles common printing supplies such as laser toner, inkjet cartridges, and imaging units, as well as cell phones. By selling these in-demand items to remanufacturers, the enterprise raises money to support charities in several sectors, with a special focus on organizations that aid disadvantaged children.

Recycle4Charity sponsors three recycling programs to cater to a diverse selection of benefactors. The donation program serves as a free recycling option for individuals, businesses, and government entities, and offers free shipping for boxes of supplies up to 40 pounds and large pallets. With larger entities such as schools and non-profits in mind, the fundraising program allows organizations to raise money for themselves or outside charities by collecting and recycling used items. Additionally, Recycle4Education serves as an alternative fundraising option for public and private educational institutions, including universities.